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Meet Judy Mikhail

Meet the team behind our smile transformations

Meet Judy Mikhail

Meet the team behind our smile transformations

Judy Mikhail

Judy has been a valued member of Sydney Dental Implants (The Dental Practice) for over twenty years, bringing her extensive experience and dedication to the team. Her academic journey in dentistry began at The University of Queensland, culminating in an expansion of her professional capabilities with the completion of her Adult Scope of Practice in 2018.

Her approach to dental hygiene focuses on ensuring that appointments are not only educational and pain-free but also enjoyable, reflecting her deep commitment to patient care. Judy has a keen interest in the fields of implants and orthodontics within dentistry, highlighting her diverse interests and expertise.

In her personal life, Judy values her quality time spent with her two children, Isaac and Ava, and enjoys the companionship of her beloved pet, Toby.

Additionally, Judy is proficient in Arabic, allowing her to connect with a broader community both inside and outside of her professional practice.

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