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Meet Dr Amelia Judson

Meet the team behind our smile transformations

Meet Dr Amelia Judson

Meet the team behind our smile transformations

Dr Amelia Judson

(BDSc, APCA, DSD Master)

From a young age of 12, Dr. Amelia was determined to pursue a career in dentistry, drawn to the field by its unique combination of science, technology, medicine, and creativity. She views dentistry as an art form that not only enhances appearances but also empowers individuals to present their best selves.

Dr. Amelia understands the critical role of a first impression, where judgments are often made within the first few seconds based on one’s appearance. It’s her belief that a radiant smile can significantly boost a person’s self-esteem, thereby impacting their social interactions and opportunities in life positively.

With a passion for cosmetic and implant dentistry, Dr. Amelia has worked closely with pioneers and developers in digital dentistry software, which has earned her international recognition. In 2022, she became the youngest individual to achieve the title of Digital Smile Design Master globally.

In her downtime, Dr. Amelia enjoys staying active with sports such as water polo and golf, often accompanied by great food and the company of friends.

Dr. Amelia is also proficient in Chinese, allowing her to connect and communicate effectively with a broader range of patients.

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